Similar Pains Across Random Industries...

No matter what industry you are in the same PAINS keep popping up!

One of the PAINS we found for a particular customer was she was getting 50+ orders per day and it was overwhelming her trying to get all the orders packaged and shipped on time. We explored several options and as we revised each approach we found a simple but very effective GAIN for her PAIN (smile) 

Instead of her having to pen the parcel details onto the parcel with the customer address we found that an automatic print of the order label in her shop would save her the hassle and overhead of writing addresses on each package.

The time saver? 3 minutes per parcel and with 50 orders per day this has saved here a total of 2.5 hrs per day of admin (smile) Lets just say she is very happy with having 1/5 of her working day back!

We released our instant label print option on our SHOP product and we cannot believe the response we are getting to the new feature. It is features like these that we love finding in our workshops with our customers that truly give them back the most precious asset we all try to manage... time.

Instead of trying to make your business fit generic solutions we re-define the box for you so we can make your business needs fit exactly as needed. No bloatware, no un needed features just simple, clean and elegant options that fit your business needs precisely.