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Idea Bubble tore our business apart, from our tech roadmap to our business roadmap and everything in between. Honestly, by the end of our first workshop, I actually felt like crying. However, by the end of scoping process, we had a technology roadmap and build requirement that reflected what our customers needed most, what we wanted most and what made the most clean-cut, economical sense to our business.

——  Rowan Copeland, Go Yeti


Case studies

KES - IB Educate

Innovative and creative, Julie Kilmartin came to Idea Bubble to be at the forefront of the educational market online. 


uTicket - IB Events

Exhausted from trying other solutions online, Ed came to Ideabubble knowing exactly what he needed. We made it happen!


Navan School of Ballet

Eliminating over 15 pains that business owner Michelle wanted to solve with our Educate Plus Package


  Limerick School of Music

Moving from spreadsheets to IB Educate gave Limerick School of Music one portal to manage all students records.