CEO gives tech talk @LIT


Yesterday I got out of the office and had the pleasure of giving wisdom to a group of final year LIT students.

I was discussing the trials and hardships of startup tech business from scratch and I focused on shining a light on areas that have really helped me and our customers in their startups.   

I dealt with the basics and the secrets to running a successful business, don’t tell anyone, but it is pretty simple, hard work and good time management.
A really helpful tool is the business model canvas,(See below) this sheet is a real eye opener. It makes you see things and realise what tasks you may be leaving behind. I revert back to this sheet on a monthly basis because knowing your strengths/failings can be a real time saver.

Little nuggets I hope people will take from my tech talk is having a good strategy, painfree product, abundance of finances and dynamic team is foundation to a very successful startup.